Corrosion Resistant Ceramic Coating

Benefits of this product:

- Completely eco friendly

- No VOC

- No heavy metal substances

- Non flammable

- Superb durability

- Long lasting

- Acid and alkali resistant

- Simple but excellent constructability with 1 liquid (any mixing liquids or primers are not required)

Application uses

DY-800for already corroded steel structures

- Chemical storage tanks, pipes, flanges, valves, etc.

- Steel beam for construction, water tanks in buildings, boilers, etc.

- Power plants, valves of transmission sites, steel towers, etc.

- Vehicles, containers, air planes, vessels, etc.

- Bridges & piers, guardrails, road signs, etc.

- Other steel structures

DY-600for not yet corroded steel structures - Anti-corrosive coating for construction

- Cars, bridges, piers, vessels etc.

- Facilities in plants, incinerators, etc.

- Industrial machines and other steel structures


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