Anti Carbonation Ceramic Coating

Anti Carbonation Ceramic Coating Benefits

  • Complete prevention of carbonation and deterioration of concrete.
  • Excellent water proofing coating (Superior in durability & economic efficiency to Urethane and Epoxy)
  • Remarkable levels of chemical resistance, chloride resistance and corrosion prevention
  • Prevention of cracks in concrete
  • Eco-friendly product that does not inflict any volatile toxic substances or heavy metals. Completely VOC free.
  • 100% non-flammable product.
  • Superb durability because of the ceramic coating being like porcelain (which is durable for over 10 years)
  • Excellent coating strength & abrasion resistance
  • Prevents discoloration

Applications of Anti Carbonation Ceramic Coating Benefits

- Roof waterproofing

- Building walls

- Car Park flooring

- Walk way flooring

- Factory flooring

- Corrosion protection of concrete structures (exterior walls, bridges, tunnels etc.)

- Protection of concrete for water treatment plants (septic tanks, sewage treatment plants).


Product comparison

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