Zanode Zinc Alloy Anode


ZANODE, is a cast zinc (over 99.995%) alloy anode, can be applied widely in sea water, underwater soil, and similar electrolytes. In addition, ZANODE is so safe that it can be used the Ship’s

Ballast Tanks which have a possibility of inflammable gas.


Merits of Zanode

1. Due to extremely small anodic polarization tendency, it gives a stable protective current throughout the anode life.

2. Excellent self-regulating properties

3. Zinc is the only metal that never sparks by impact and therefore is best suited for protection of oil and ballast tanks. Classification societies and relevant government authorities therefore allow its unconditional installation for oil tankers.

4. Having a small potential difference from steel, the generation rate of hydrogen gas is very low. Thus, there is no hazard of hydrogen embrittlement, nor explosion.

5. ZANODE yields only a soluble product which only forms a thin film of adhesive nature on the steel surface and therefore no cleaning is required.

6. As ZANODE dissolves it emits protective currents, the products formed in sea water adheres to steel surfaces and acts as a corrosion inhibitor.

Protected Structures

1. Offshore Structures: Submarine Oil Pipelines, Marine Discharging Pipelines, Flood Gates, Big Buoys & Sea-bed Steel Structures

2. Ships: Ship's Hull, Ballast Tanks, Propellers, Ship’s Stern Parts and Sea Water Inlet etc


Standard Components & Properties of ALUNODE

The standard components and properties of ZANODE are as shown in Table below


0.005 max




0.006 max


0.005 max






Specific Gravity




Current Efficiency(%)


Effective Current Capacity (A . hr/kg)





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